Odds and Ends and all sorts of Goodies!


So I have been up to my ears in getting out winter stuff and sorting and donating and organizing and……Here are a few things that have been keeping me busy.

I finally got my sand and shells from Cape Cod on display. Found this neato glass jar and set it on the bookshelf. Reminds me of one of my favorite places daily….


Organizing with three people who all like their things a different way has been a challenge and a half. So in order to fix the ‘I don’t have a pencil I don’t have my homework I don’t have my anything’ I made these book bags. Each has their own bag with everything they would need for homework at the table OR to grab on the way out the door. They hang on clips in the car on the backs of the seats along with their water bottles. Each child has what they are working on in school (level wise) and the tools to study anywhere they may end up! The tray is for all of the magnets we have…letters, ABC and princesses!

IMG_3182 IMG_3188

Some of the magnets I made for the bags! I love that the girls love these! Hefty magnets keep them on the boards in and out of the car too! IMG_3192 IMG_3191

Scrabble tiles and sight words make learning them fun…and they haven’t a clue.

Last but not least, I made them new chore charts. We needed to add some things so I started over. Cupcakes! Each day they can make 4 total cupcakes. On the back of each one is a daily task that has to be done. The toppings are the bonuses! I pay them based on the cupcakes they have completed. But in-completes earn nada!

IMG_3199 IMG_3200 IMG_3205 IMG_3206 IMG_3207

Our Elf on the Shelf – JOY!


The girls are loving our newest family member, Joy. She came to us just before Thanksgiving, so we could spend a long holiday season with her. Image

Her mischief level is increasing…heh heh. From hanging out in the Christmas tree to diving in a stocking she is making her way around the place! Image

Joy enjoys cocoa with the Tooth Fairy….Image


and upon the first snow of the season brought us a letter from Santa and Christmas wish lists to fill out! 


Delilah was given the letters rolled up in scroll fashion. We are just having a blast with our Elf!Image 


Hats & Scarves & Sweaters…Oh My!


So this was my solution for an easy way to hang every little mitten and scarf. Easy for the girls to do. They dry faster. And I don’t have to pick up a mess on the floor after they throw around an entire basket of mittens looking for just the right one. Clothes pins dont leave holes like nails do and when you have three girls….holy cow do we have a ton of accessories!