Monthly Archives: May 2012

Makeup made easy


I have always hated digging through drawers for one thing. Everything likes its own space…right?! Got this over the door organizer, ignored the labels and shoved it full of my makeup. Now I am actually inclined to use it! 



I love clothes pins!


I always pin the girls’ art up for a few days or more…depending on the piece. Ribbon and clothes pins let us display a ton of it until I move it into their art binders. Just take a long piece of ribbon, nail it to the wall, done! Not a lot of wall holes and unlimited room to show the kiddos just how proud of them you are!


Wolves Den for B…


Complete with stars and a moon, B got her wolf room! Birch trees, blue twinkling lights and a moon with all of the phases helped complete the ‘den’ as she calls it. I also printed out tons of wolf 4×6 prints and framed them with a 10 pack of cheap frames. Set around on her windowsill and desk she really loves the way this turned out! 



Forget the wire shelves…this works so much better in a small freezer/fridge. Clear shoe box containers are cheap and you can always see what you have. Easy to slide in and out, relabel and clean! And you can fit more in both. Small tupperware fits easily inside these for cut up veggies and leftovers. Love! So glad I finally did this.


Fridge organizing

jewelry organizers!


These hit me one day. And man I had FUN! The girls’ jewelry used to be everywhere but in their little box. Then what was IN the box was a tangled mess. In my quest to make my day less stressful I grabbed the single piece of molding I had, my drawer full of odds and ends and laid it out in front of me. This is what happened! Extra hooks and screws of all sizes were mounted. Glow in the dark stars left over from B’s room made perfect little points to hang watches and necklaces from. An extra drawer handle holds the large bracelets perfectly! My favorite part….Large glued to the top of the molding to hold rings. I was so stoked I made one for my jewelry! I used all of the screws I had so my next Target trip I grabbed multi colored push pins. Leaving them just a bit out from the molding lets the necklaces stay put while the larger pieces have something to rest on! I love these.