Monthly Archives: February 2012

ahoy matey! pirate chore charts….argh!


Bring on the enthusiasm! The girls were so obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean after Disney i decided to harness some of that energy. The final result…Pirate themed chore charts all the way down to the treasure chest of surprises.

I needed to simplify chores for them AND me. Rather than going a whole week with X’s or stickers…moving from To Do side to the Done is quick, easy and they earn rewards all day long. Then when they want to trade in their earned coins and jewels they get to pay me for the item, activity…whatever they want! I had to tell A to chill already today. I’m in chore heaven.


flower pot fun


My version of storage since you can customize to match any kids’ room. Or bathroom as it may be in our house. Terra cot pots transformed into storage…with chalkboard painting you can easily label and change what goes in them!


These wonderful people…the littles that run my world are my inspiration for doing this. Finding and creating ways to make our lives simpler and easier to leave more time for the four of us, our perfect little family. So, welcome to the scatterbrained blog that is only a fraction of the ideas that kick around in my head…and a place to vent and be free to speak my mind!

Devoted to my littles,