Preserving the girls’ artwork….


Armed with my trusty Costco three hole punch and laminator I set off to archive the artwork that wont fit into the girls scrapbooks. Laminating the special school pieces and drawings and sticking them in binders made awesome keepsakes that can be added to over the year(s). Yes, Kassidy is already onto binder #2! I plan on having them make covers to slip in the fronts of these binders…in the years to come they will enjoy seeing how far they have come. And I don’t have to worry about arguments and torn artwork. Sisters! Image



Yum..yum..and man we had fun!


Hot summer day and the girls wanted a cake. I figured why not use up all the whip! We broke out the food coloring and just went for it. A layered cake with sprinkles and multi-colored whip frosting is the final outcome. Light and delicious. 

Preschool Yearbook…


The classmates all loved this durable version of a yearbook. The kids could easily flip through it, cost was low and laminated in a thick sheet of plastic this thing should last a lot longer than a paper one! I made a scrapbook using photos from all of the parents and printed out photo sheets, a little trimming and laminating and WAHLAH! Or however you spell that! 

I love clothes pins!


I always pin the girls’ art up for a few days or more…depending on the piece. Ribbon and clothes pins let us display a ton of it until I move it into their art binders. Just take a long piece of ribbon, nail it to the wall, done! Not a lot of wall holes and unlimited room to show the kiddos just how proud of them you are!